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What to do After the Flood

We are in the week following Tropical Storm Imelda, and this is the most important time for homeowners affected by the storm and flooding. Please follow these 5 steps to ensure you are moving in a positive direction, while dealing with such a stressful event!

  1. Safety Is Key – You may be forced to remove yourself from your home is the damage/flooding is significant enough. Be sure that your electricity is turned off, and that you cover yourself appropriately. Rubber boots and gloves help with this, as flood water is highly contaminated with chemicals and debris. Some might add that if you came in contact with flood water, to call your doctor and consider a tetanus shot. You may be asked to boil your water for some time
  2. Remove The Water From The Home! – Whether you use bins, buckets, or pumps, you need to be sure to remove as much of the water as possible.
  3. CALL YOUR INSURANCE AGENCY! – You need to call your insurance agency and report everything! File your claim and speak with your agent on your next steps! You need that professional opinion!
  4. The Home Needs To Be Dry – You can purchase dehumidifiers just about anywhere. These need to be set up so that the moisture can be removed from your home.
  5. Document EVERYTHING! – Store all valuable papers that have been damaged in a freezer until they are needed (After your cleanup, consult your lawyer to determine whether flood-damaged documents, or just the information in them, must be retained). Record details of flood damage by video and photographs.

We hope these tips have helped, and our hearts go out to everyone affected by TS Imelda! We will start working together, as a community, to help everyone get back home

If you are in need of flood insurance (believe us, you are!) Contact Creekside Risk Management today, and let’s go over a policy that takes care of you, and provides you with a piece of mind! Call us today!

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