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Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Summer = Vacation Time!

School is out! Pools are open! Flights are being booked! Vehicles are being packed! The beach is calling! It’s summer time, and that means everyone is heading out to their summer destinations!

Are you ready for your travels? I’m sure you have your list of things to do, but let your insurance agency help you out! Here are some tips, and guidelines to make sure you are a 100% set for your sweet vacation time!

  • Research the location you are staying!
  • Does it have a kitchen where you can cook? If not, start researching local restaurants in the area!
  • Does it have a washer/dryer unit, or maybe a laundry service? This can help you decide on how much clothing you will need to take on your trip, and avoid over packing.
  • Is it with in walking distance to local shops, or eateries? If not, you may need to look into a car rental service, or research public transportation in the area.
  • Do they supply outdoor items? Ex: Beach Towels, lounge chairs, umbrellas, wake boards, surf boards? If so, this can help you avoid packing unnecessary items!
  • Check the weather! If it rains, make sure you have plenty of board games, cards, and items to keep you busy during a good rain shower!
  • Do they allow pets? It’s so hard leaving your fur babies home! Some places will let your pet stay with a deposit. If not, Houston has some amazing pet day cares they can stay.
  • Do they allow children? Whether you are traveling with the family, or needing some adult one on one time, some resorts are adult only!
  • Plan your trip itinerary!
  • If you are driving, GPS is an amazing thing! Even though it is 2019, service spots can still go dead. Map out your route before hitting the road, that way you aren’t left lost on your vacation!
  • If you are traveling by air, keep a print out of your tickets, itinerary, and stops. Research areas you will have layovers, just in case your flight gets delayed!
  • If you are driving, packed a small cooler in your vehicle! Keep easy to grab items like water, juice, and small snacks cool. This will cut down on pit stops along the way.
  • If you are flying, make sure to give yourself time to stop at the airport stores to stock up on snacks for your flight, especially if you are traveling with young children!
  • If you are traveling with young children, make sure tablets and games are charged! Travel games are also great, and one of their blankets or pillows can help comfort them.
  • If you are traveling a long distance (abroad) consider staying at the airport hotel for a night. This will allow you to rest, freshen up, and eat before continuing your journey!
  • If you are road tripping, make a list of destinations you would like to see along the way, and prepare for these stops!
  • Start making your list now!
  • Jot down any prescriptions and medication that you may need on your trip. Make sure all prescriptions are filled before leaving!
  • Be sure to pack for the weather, but always add a few cooler/warmer items, depending on where you are going. A sudden cold front could really put you in a pickle while traveling.
  • Pack clothing that can be interchangeable, and mixed, during your stay. This will cut down on the amount of items you have to bring with you!
  • Don’t over pack items that can easily be purchased at a local store or shopping center. This will cut down on the luggage for your trip.
  • Toiletries can be purchased once you arrive! The last thing anyone wants is a busted body wash ruining your clean luggage!
  • Ship bulkier items that may need to go with you. Contact your location management and have them receive the package if it gets there before you! Great hack for road trip space.
  • Don’t forget your phone chargers!
  • Are you covered?
  • If you are traveling with valuable items (jewelry, luxury bags, etc) make sure that your insurance policy is updated for coverage over these items!
  • Always try to travel with your valuables on a carry on, or close to you at all times.
  • If you are traveling by vehicle, or RV, make sure that your current policies are up to date, and ALL your transportation is covered!
  • Summer time, means boats! If you have recently purchased a new toy, be sure to get it added quickly to your current insurance policy!
  • Consider going over your policy if you will be renting a vehicle. Have peace of mind that you are completely covered if something unfortunately happens!
  • ANYTHING can happen during travels, and although you may not want to think of it, it is important to make sure that your life insurance policy is up to date!
  • Always sit down with your personal insurance agent to go over your current coverage, and be sure that you are completely up to date!

If you have any questions regarding your current policies, give Creekside Risk Management a call today! We can sit down with you, and walk you through your policies step by step!

From all of us at Creekside Risk Management, Happy Travels

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