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2 Wheel Weather

It is two wheel weather! There is nothing more invigorating than hearing the undeniable sound of a motorcycle coming to life! Warm summer sun shining over head, favorite tunes turned up loud and proud, and turning those wheels onto an open road! The ultimate feeling of freedom, and uncountable options of travel! 

So much enjoyment can be found as you are racing along the asphalt, the wind flowing around you…..we forget how vulnerable these units actually are. 

Small accidents can seriously injure motorcyclists, where the same accident in car would mean minimal damage. There isn’t a barrier of safety protecting a rider from the outside elements, like we have in our four wheeled automobiles. Most accidents happen simply because a driver of an automobile, did not see the cyclist. Take a second to go over these safety tips regarding motorcycles and automobile caution.

  • Always Double Check Your Blind Spots
  • Be Extra Careful When Passing Each Other
  • Stay In Your Lane
  • Do NOT Tailgate
  • Be Sure To Use Your Blinkers Well In Advance Of Turning
  • Be Extra Cautious At Intersections
  • Take An Extra Look When Making Left Turns
  • Never Get Between A Vehicle And An Off Ramp
  • Where Reflectors Or Bright Colored Gear When Driving A Motorcycle


There are plenty of roads, highways, and interstates across the country, and we are very capable of sharing them with each other, as long as we are extra cautious of each other. Accidents an and will happen, so always make sure your insurance policy is updated with all of your extra possessions listed! Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats, RVs, etc! If you are unsure of your vehicle’s insurance coverage, or have questions concerning your current coverage, give us a call at Creekside Risk Managmenet and we will be happy to go over them with you! 

Happy Travels!

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